About Keyna Aranguren

Founded 2004, Keyna Aranguren is a fashion design company focusing on women apparel and accessories. Keyna Aranguren is ranked as one of Norway's leading designers through the nomination for Designer of the Year (Nåløyet) for the Spring and Summer 2008 and in 2007. Keyna Aranguren has been also nominee to "Woman of the year in Fashion 2007" by the magazine KK.

Born In Maracaibo, Venezuela, Keyna Aranguren has been working with her own brand since 2004 mixing the sensuality of South-America with the Scandinavien style. Keyna Aranguen Collections are discreet luxury for the intelligent consumer, for people looking for individual garments with great detailing and a touch of avantgarde.

Keyna's design is loved by fashion magazines and stylists and is used in more than 100 - one hundred - press editorials since 2004. It is also a proven product achieving good sell-through rates in Oslo luxury stores. If you are interested in distributing Keyna's products, please contact us using mail or phone as specified the left hand side.

We address women with a mental age of 24 to 45 who are more focused on quality and design than brands. Keyna's designs are in the price range medium high to high.

Keyna Aranguren has previously been showing her collections at Oslo Fashion Week as well as at the trade show "Le Showroom" in Paris.

Keyna store

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